Company introduction

For the construction of "one hundred years of qianjiang electric" magnificent foundation and efforts

Hangzhou qianjiang electric group co., LTD., founded in 1976,
With the development of the enterprise,
Has developed intoThe world's top five power industry value brands!

Qianjiang electric will carry forward the chairman of the filial piety suggests "quality, cost, service, innovation, team" five big magic weapon, refinement, standardization, standardization, network, legal system and public management, to penetrate essence into the product quality control, market, enterprise management strategy of every detail, in order to provide valuable and high quality products and services, to meet customer demand for the purpose, the qianjiang electric build a reasonable industrial structure, property right system optimization, scientific operation mechanism, management benefit is good, good social reputation and excellent manufacturing enterprise employees look good.

Looking forward to the future, qianjiang electric will an international perspective, extensive international equipment industry, environmental protection industry, new energy strategy, such as cooperation, national pushed all the way "area" as an opportunity to make the enterprise into the global integration process, constantly enhance the level of international operation, continue to carry forward "to keep pace with The Times, never satisfied" spirit of enterprise, effort towards the international first-class power equipment supplier "goal, for the construction of" qianjiang electric one hundred "grand inheritance and efforts!

Vision mission

Pursue sustainable development and become a world class electrical equipment supplier

Brand value

It has the most valuable brand in the power indust

Market share

Have a global power equipment industry market shar

R&D technology

With the world's leading power system technology,

Social duty

Build a "zero emissions, zero accidents" double ze

With the person

Create a first-class team of employees with excell

management system

Pursue sustainable development and become a world class electrical equipment supplier

shareholders' committee

Management committee


board of supervisors

board of directors

HR department

Administrative office

Ministry of audit

Financial center

Brand value


Quzhou company

Hangzhou headquarters

Jiangxi company

Beijing company

Honor of qualification

One heart, heart to provide high-quality products to make customers trust

National mechanical industry quality award

Transformer industry top ten enterprises

Provincial high-tech enterprise research and devel

Zhejiang quality award

Excellent enterprise

Enterprises with outstanding contributions

China's ten most influential power transformer ent

Integrity and law - abiding model enterprises

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To provide customers with safe, environmental protection, energy saving high quality power services

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